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Bendern Car Rental

What’s Included?

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Vehicle Theft Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
  • Premium Location / Airport Fee
  • VAT Local Tax
  • Road Fund Tax (RFT)
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • 24 Hours Road Assistance

Bendern Liechtenstein- Experience The Beauty Of Untouched Nature

Bendern is an exotic tourist city in Liechtenstein. This town is located in the Gramprin municipality on the foothills to the south of Eschnerberg. The monuments and buildings in the town depict the Roman origin of the past. The town is a combination of historical sites and the beauty of untouched nature. The church of Mary in the foothill of the Eachnerberg mountain is the only place of worship in the town and has a unique picturesque of the valley beyond it. The place is filled with settlements portraying the century old Neolithic era. You could take a tour of the city with a rental car and enjoy the magnificent beauty of this town.      

Bendern Liechtenstein-Highlights

Bendren is a small town on the foothill of Eschnerberg Mountain. The remains of the Roman ruins add to its exotic appeal. The Lotzaguetle is a small settlement that has it origin in the Neolithic age. This place is one of the most remarkable settlements in the country. Tourists from many different places visit this place that is surrounded by beautiful hills all around.

The Mary-Lourdes grotto is the only place of worship in the town. The church of St. Mary’s in Bendern is another famous tourist spot of the country. The church accounts back to the 5th century. The architecture and beauty of the place is one of a kind. Though there are many places to visit but a relaxed and tranquil vacation is what most of us always desire; and the charming Bendern Town offers just that! A hired car is what you would need to tour this place and its adjoining areas.

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